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Neroli Sleep Balm - Witches Lab
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*We have ran out of gold lids due to unexpected high demand for our Neroli Balm so these will temporarily be replaced with White lids, all labelling remains the same.

Our Organic Neroli sleep balm contains an array of natural ingredients that are proven to aid relaxation , sooth anxiety and promote sleep. We decided to create this version as some feedback of our original balm suggested some people do not enjoy the fragrance of Lavender.

Our Neroli Balm contains two of the most expensive essential oils available Neroli and Rose and using these as our dominant oils the aroma of this balm is just beautiful. Neroli and Rose oils help to naturally reduce pain and inflammation which makes this balm fantastic on the shoulders and neck areas that carry a lot of stress, they also help aid relaxation, ease headaches and even help symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Neroli is also a natural anti-depressant. Other ingredients found in a small amount in our balm to increase the benefits are Marjoram, Bitter Orange and a small amount of lavender (not a dominant scent in this balm so if you do not enjoy lavender this is simply included to boost the benefits of the product) 

The aroma's will become a familiar aroma in your bed time routine which when used every evening will help to trigger a natural sleep. Organic Shea Butter, Organic Mango Butter and organic Coconut oil also play a part in your new new balm giving it a rich creamy texture that melts at the touch. 

Your balm will arrive with our beautifully designed packaging in a 30ml heavy glass pot with Gold lid and custom illustrated labelling. Real Luxury. 

Massage your new balm gently in a clockwise circular motion into temples, back of neck , chest and centre of the forehead and inhale the aroma before bed time. 

100% Natural, Vegan, Organic 

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