About Us

About Us   

Meet The Owner 

Gemma Wright  

After spending a number of years as a sole distributer for other brands from across the world she decided in 2018 that it was time to start developing her own brand of products and Witches Lab was born. Having over 10 years experience in the skincare industry she knew what people wanted, needed and what really worked on common skin complaints.

Gemma’s Early Years

Gemma’s career in skincare started when she left school at 16 and studied NVQ Beauty Therapy to the highest level at the time. Gemma was lucky enough to carry out work experience at Harvey Nichols Medi spa which led to her obsession with the skin, they had a machine at the clinic that could photograph all layers of the skin which she found fascinating. With this experience and new knowledge she started working in a Decleor aroma gold award winning spa carrying out intense and detailed training with Decleor, this then led to a kean interest in essential oils and the skin, during her time at the spa she was able to train with some of most recognised global skincare brand and learn their ethics and methods. After her time at the spa Gemma felt she could share her passion and knowledge with others so she worked towards a teaching qualification and was quickly offered a job teaching NVQ Beauty Therapy following the national curriculum. Teaching others is something Gemma is still passionate about and will consider pursuing this again in the future.
Whilst Gemma was teaching she still had a regular base of clients visiting her for treatments as by this time she was qualified in advanced skincare treatments, she was offered a job with a renowned skincare doctor who was the chosen aesthetician for a number of celebrities and very interesting characters, this particular doctor invented the collagen wave machine and Gemma was lucky enough to be trained by him personally. Gemma’s at home clientele continued to grow which led to her leaving all other jobs to pursue her own ‘sideline’ businesses full time. Whilst working from her busy home salon Gemma had a little retail shop that ended up getting bigger and bigger after she started selling online, Gemma got the UK Distributer rights to some amazing companies from the USA and this led to her UK following online getting bigger and bigger to the point she had to focus on her online sales full time. 

The beginning of Witches Lab 

After a good 5 years of distributing other brands online Gemma decided it was time to do what she always wanted which was to launch her own skincare brand and Witches Lab was born , it started with aromatherapy balms and has gradually grown into a full range of facial products with many more in the pipeline. 
To get the brand to where it is today Gemma has undergone lots of training and continues to grow her qualifications and knowledge everyday. Skincare isn’t just a job for her it is a hobby that she genuinely loves to learn about. 
In 2018 Gemma undertook a cosmetic formulation qualification and EU cosmetic regulation qualification ( to be continued), she then moved on to an organic skincare business diploma which includes a detailed Toxicology in skincare Module acknowledged by the complementary medical association, the quality license scheme and the CPD Certification service. She has previous qualifications with essential oils in skincare but is currently working towards her advanced aromatherapy in skincare diploma. 
Gemma works from her warehouse in Hertfordshire with her team of staff which are both her parents and her brother full time and part time staff when needed,  manufacturing many of the products themselves, after demand has become so high for the Witches Lab products they also work with a large UK based Lab so they can make larger amounts of products to fulfil orders faster and more efficiently. 

During her spare time Gemma is a new Mum to Libby who was born in 2020, she likes walking her dog Billy, horseriding and reading. She loves to cook, make up her own recipes and have her friends over for brunches.

Meet The Team 

Daniel Wright 

Witches Lab started booming Gemma’s brother Dan had just been made redundant from his job in the computer industry and started working for Witches Lab on a part time basis, this seemed to come at a convenient time for both Gemma and Daniel as it was too much for Gemma to cope with alone and Dan needed a job !… It was agreed that it would be on a temporary basis until Dan found a new job… well years on and Daniel is now running everything in the warehouse, from dispatch, packaging, product fulfilling and so much more. It wouldn’t be able to work without Daniel and he plays an important role in the warehouse as the warehouse manager full time. He has even become fascinated himself with the whole cosmetics industry and is working towards his very own diploma in skincare. The truth is Witches Lab wouldn’t work without Dan , he is in the warehouse 5 days a week all hours making sure everything is in order.

During his spare time Dan is the lead singer in a band in which he was a finalist in a nationwide competition. You will find him on his days off at a gig or a festival, fishing or cooking. 

Gill Wright

Gemma’s Mum Gill has over 35 years experience as a Beauty Therapist specialising in the skin. Her IHBC Diploma covered advanced skincare treatments and cosmetic science. Gill was trained in aromatherapy by Robert Tisserand himself, if you are familiar with essential oils you will know Tisserand essential oils are one of the most recognised brands in the world. Gill is also qualified in Anatomy & Physiology, Reiki, massage, nails and waxing all to a high standard.  A few years ago Gill extended and refreshed her knowledge by attending a course in natural cosmetic formulating, and she is now working towards her skincare business diploma. Gill plays a very important role in Witches Lab formulating and blending oils that make their products smell so amazing. Gill also part runs the Witches Lab social media channels and replies to lots of messages and enquiries offering her expert knowledge. 

In Gill’s spare time you will find her spending time with her granddaughter Libby, reading and researching, she also likes to cook and grow vegetables in her garden. Gill has the answer to pretty much every question and one day we would love to see her on a quiz show because she would definitely win ! 

Follow Gill on Instagram : @gillwrightbeauty

Geoff Wright

Geoff is Gemma and Daniel’s Dad, he retired from over 35 years of service as a met police officer at a young age in terms of ‘retiring’ as most police offers do. He started to help out in the Witches Lab warehouse on particularly busy days usually a couple of times a week. As Witches Lab has grown and become busier he is now a valuable member of the team. Geoff runs a tight ship and keeps the warehouse in good working order. He is particularly pedantic around our recycling policies and eco friendly ethics and ensures that everything is disposed of correctly, and anything that can be saved such as bubble wrap or packaging materials from other deliveries is kept aside and used again. Geoff enjoys his time spent at the warehouse especially as he gets to spend the majority of his time with his family. 

Geoff has always been surrounded by the beauty industry with his wife Gill working as a Beauty therapist for many years and his daughter Gemma following in her footsteps, this has led him to express interest in complimentary treatments, when he left the police force he took part in a Reflexology and also an Anatomy and physiology course at a high level. Geoff is now working to further expand his knowledge in the industry by working towards gaining his skincare business diploma. During his spare time you will find him sightseeing around his favourite city London, going for extremely long walks, bike rides and cooking interesting dishes in the kitchen.

Liberty Faith  Woodrow

Libby has been our apprentice since September 2020 when she was born. We are hoping in 18 years time she will have a great deal of knowledge under her nappy and be an important part of the team. She is the first grandchild of Geoff and Gill and the first child of Gemma and her partner Callum. Libby likes to spend her days learning new skills like rolling over, sitting up on her own, drinking milk and making everyone around her smile with her sweet nature. She is often in the warehouse keeping watch over everyone and taking in the surroundings of her future empire.