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We are temporarily closing our private label service to make improvements. 

We are currently building our Private Label professional website which will be available we hope in the first quarter of 2024. This will be a whole website solely built for our private label options. For now we have created this page temporarily to display some of our private label products for easy ordering.

Private Label Products are excluded from any website discount codes unless specified 

Private Label Terms and Conditions

When ordering private label products with us you are agreeing to the below terms. 

Refunding or cancelling private label products 

We are creating a custom product for you, under your branding. We cannot refund customised orders. Please ensure you are happy with this before ordering with us. If you are particular about fragrances and smells then please order samples to make sure that you will be happy with the smell. If you do have any concerns about your order please get in touch. 

You can cancel your order up to a certain point. If we have ordered legal documents or product labels for you the order cannot be refunded. If you have approved your art work and it is with out printing company then it is too late for us to cancel your order. 

Raw Ingredients / Product variations

We use natural oils, butters, waxes and other raw ingredients. These ingredients always vary in texture, smell, colour. Even the time of year can dramatically change the products texture (thinner in summer, thicker in winter) we always recommend storing your products in a cool dry place to keep them at their best.

Please understand the products are hand made and as much as we try and ensure your products are the same every time they can slightly vary in smell, scent and texture for various reasons despite us following the same exact recipe each time. If you strongly think something is not right with your product of course let us know and we can look into it for you, but just always bare in mind this is a hand made product. 


-Our fragrances are an interpretation of a scent they can vary a lot and certain ingredients we mix them with will also change the overall scent of product. If you are very particular on scents then I advise you to order samples or let me know that you are very particular on it smelling a certain way so I can let you know if this is possible. 

- Fragrances vary from supplier we use the same suppliers as often as possible but there are times when a brand may discontinue or change a fragrance and also times when we may decided to change suppliers. 

-The cuticle balms, creams and gels are a slightly more subtle scent as they carry fragrance differently to a pure oil they also contain different variations of other base ingredients that can change the scent from one product to another for example you might pick vanilla balms and vanilla hand creams but the will not smell the exact same because the base ingredients are different. 

- We use the maximum amount of fragrance that we are legally allowed to keep the product safe for daily use to prevent nail irritation and allergies.

- Fragrances vary in strength and power. Despite us using the same amount of fragrance some fragrances are a lot stronger than others. Vanilla for example is a beautiful scent but more on the subtle side compared to say Snowfairy which is a lot stronger. If this is a concern of yours please get in touch and we can discuss this  

- All the fragrances we use are vegan friendly , Nut free, never tested on animals and are IFRA and EU Compliant. 

Melting Balms 

Our balms are made our of butters, they will melt if left in direct sunlight or in a hot place. Please advise customers of this and keep them in a cool place. We cannot offer refunds or replacements for balms that have melted 


Our samples come in small tins and are not a reflection of the packaging the final products will come in. The samples are for you to try the texture and scents of the formulas. On some occasions we will send you a base formula and the scents separately. This is because for some products it is only possible we can make them in big batches so cannot just make one. If you have any questions on this let me know. Balms for example we cannot just make one balm lots of ingredients are melted and blended together so we make them in big batches. If you order a balm sample I have sample balms on hand which I will send out to show you the texture and then I will pop a fragrance/flavour oil along with it so that when you order and we make your final product you will know how it will smell and feel when we blend your chosen fragrance into the final recipe. 

Delivery Times 

Delivery and manufacturing times can vary from 1-8 weeks depending on the product you are order, how busy we are, and if there are unexpected delays along the way. This will be made more clear to you at any time and I will always be transparent with you if there is any delays, we promise you we work as fast as possible. We are a small business and we get very busy especially during the last quarter around Christmas and Black Friday. If time is sensitive to you please drop me a message and I can let you know what our timeline is looking like for the specific product you are looking for. If you want an update on an order just drop me a message and I will let you know where we are at. 

Please do not advertise your products or advertise a ‘launch date’ to your customers until you have your product in hand. This is very important as sometimes things have to change, there might be issues, delays etc. we sometimes have people say to us  “But I already told my customers these would be ready this week” please don’t say this, that week could of been the week our delivery of cuticle pens got lost in transit delaying your order, lots of things can happen. I know you're excited but I have learnt this the hard way. We hold no responsibility if you have told your customers a date and we haven’t been able to hit that. 

Seasonal Ordering 

Halloween themed pens  , Black Friday and Christmas are yours and our busiest time of the whole year. Our work load drastically increases in the lead up to October. Please get your seasonal orders in place .. yesterday !! I am suggesting you start thinking about this around Late July to make sure we can get everything in place for your best selling months. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shift lots and lots of products in these crucial business months. 

Some people are hesitant to order seasonal themed products but don’t be hesitant as you know it comes round so quickly every year. We will keep your labels safe for you for all the years to come so you can reorder when the seasonal period quickly reappears.

Our cut off date for guarantee xmas delivery is 17th October but please double check this with us if time is sensitive for you so we can make sure we are on the same page 

Etiquette when working with us

I hate that we even have to add this section, but after working with lots of types of customers we have to put this here. So if this is not the type of working relationship you want then working with us is not for you. 

Each private label customer will get a personal number and you will be speaking to me (Gemma) or a member of my team and we keep it casual, friendly and work all different hours round the clock. 

I like to treat my private label customers like friends and business partners , in fact lots of my customers have become friends! We are working as a team. What I am saying is.. yes you are paying me but I do not work for you.. we are working together, combining our business expertise, our ideas, our knowledge and teaming up to create something unique for your brand, so in the politest way possible do not be rude to me or to a member of my team, I will just pull the plug on the relationship and go no further with your process (this has only ever happened once so far but it was enough for me to write this) We can work through concerns and issues together respectfully. 


Your labels will have our post code on as the manufacturer and Responsible Person. We pop it in a small corner of the label but it has to be on there. It will state as shown “ Made in the UK for (your business name) by Witches lab Professional AL71EN”  If you do not want this on there then you can take on the responsible person role but this will mean you need to do some extra work and pay extra for the CPSR’S , Declarations and CPNP registrations. We can do this for you just ask us for more info on this. 

We label everything by hand it is impossible to get them perfect but we try our best, some bottles are tapered which means the labels do not perfectly aline. If you would prefer to label them yourself them please let us know and we can sent them out separately.  

Next time you are in a shop check out the labels of some products on the shelves, you will see yourself even products labelled by labelling machines are not perfect. We do not offer refunds or exchanged for products with slightly wonky labels. It is a given of a hand made and hand packaged product. If your are extremely concerned about them being labelled in a certain way then let us know and we will send the labels and product to you separately so you can label them yourself. 

Sometimes the labels may peel at the sides. This does sometimes happen occasionally to a few but it shouldn’t happen to all of them.  If it is a few labels and they won’t stick down then just let us know we will send you some additional labels and instructions on how to stop this happening , if it is the whole batch there might be an issue with the labels so let us know and we will work out a solution for you. The winter especially can be a bit of a nightmare for label peeling! 


We withhold the right to suspend taking Re-orders temporarily at any time. This could be due to us reaching capacity. 

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