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Witches Lab Eco Policy 

Here at Witches Lab it was part of our 2020 New years resolution to become more economically friendly, it is something that is very important to us as a company and we will continue to strive to be as eco conscious as possible and keep you up to date with what we are doing. 


As of 2020 we decided to cease all sales of glitter despite the fact this was one of our best selling products the impact of glitter on marine life is something we were not willing to push aside for profits. The same goes for any microbeads which are commonly found in exfoliation products. 


We always look for packaging options that can be recycled so our plastic bottles and glass jars can be recycled in your regular recycle bin at home. The caps and pumps are ‘sometimes’ recycled but not always through your council recycle system so we are now part of the Terracycle scheme to combat this which I will talk about a little later.


To package our products you may notice they don’t come through the post in beautifully branded bags and boxes, again this is a choice we have made purposely. As a company we get deliveries on a daily basis, these come in a whole variety of packaging, rather than getting rid of it we use it to wrap our parcels which we then dispatch to you. Any bubble wrap we use is 100% recyclable and can be put into your regular plastics recycle bin.


We are strictly against any form of animal testing and we actively search for ingredient suppliers that also share the same values. All of our products are vegan friendly, made from naturally derived sustainable sources. 





We get asked a lot if we can offer a refill option, as an online business we tried to work out the logistics of this but it was not working out cost effective or hygienic from both sides. This led us to look for an alternative way to ensure that anyone who can’t recycle our items from home has an option.


Terracycle recycle items that would not normally be able to be made into anything (hard-to-recycle items) , they accept any form of cosmetic packaging, pumps, caps, tubes and so on and will find a use for it. Some of the examples of items they make it childrens play equipment for schools, furniture and so much more. 


If you would like us to recycle your Witches Lab product packaging please send it back to the address below, empty and as clean as possible and we will send it back to Terracycle. At this time we will only be able to recycle products that are from Witches Lab as we have to pay to be part of the scheme based on the amount we send back and as a small business we have to watch our outgoings as much as we can however in the future we hope to be able to expand enough to be able to accept all cosmetic packaging to help even more. 


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