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Product Name: Witches Lab Four Step Routine 

Description: The four step routine kit includes everything you need to start carrying out an efficient AM & PM Skincare routine. These four easy steps are the basis of all good skincare routines and make a great starting point if you are unsure on what you should be doing with your skin daily. We have developed our products as no nonsense, easy to follow, affordable and realistic, most importantly they work on mostly everyone and you will see and feel results from the first use. No frills or fragrances we believe less is more when it comes to skincare. Our products are made with ingredients that are derived naturally. You will get clear instructions inside your kit which will tell you exactly how you can use your products. 

What's included? 1 x ResurFACE Flannel, 1 x cleansing cream (full size), 1 x Secret Formula moisturiser (30ml), 1 x Chamomile Tonic (30ml) 2 x details information leaflets and instructions, 1 x Do not Disturb door hanger, Beautifully illustrated outer bag. 


What are the benefits of the four step routine?

By following the 4 step routine you can look forward to seeing results such as: 

  • Acne will be soothed and the blend of ingredients will help to heal angry cystic acne, bacteria and toxins lifted from the skin, skin will be clearer and smoother. 
  • Redness will be reduced especially from daily use of the chamomile water. 
  • ‘Normal’ skin will be brighter, dewy and glowing, makeup will apply like a dream. 
  • Congestion such as blackheads and whiteheads will be visually reduced
  • Dry and flaking skin will be soft and hydrated, flakiness will be practically non existent if you keep up with the routine. 
  • Sensitive skin will be soothed and calmed, the products will not further irritate your sensitivities and you can even use most of the products over your eyes. 
  • Ageing skin starts from 25 onwards. it is important to look after your skin especially from this point onwards, this routine will promote a youthful complexion, even your skin tone and rehydrate which overall massively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Pigmentation and dark under eye circles may be lightened especially from the use of the chamomile toner, chamomile is a natural non irritating bleaching agent and can lighten the dark areas if they are from pigmentation. 
  • Skin conditions such as Dermatatits, eczema and psoriasis will not be made worse or irritated further and a huge amount of our skin condition suffering customers have had the best skin they have had in years. 


How many times a day do I follow the routine? Twice a day AM & PM but the ResurFACE flannel only once a day so decide whether you prefer to use it in the morning or in the evening switch the ResurFACE flannel for a regular flannel for whichever time you have chosen not to use it.

Will my skin get worse before it gets better? It can do yes, when you start to change up anything you are applying to your skin it can react to it at first. You may experience some breakouts, the flannel exfoliates the skin and speeds up the skins natural shedding process (cell renewal) and can also bring up anything brewing below all at once so you may feel its got worse but in actual fact it is just coming 'forward' to surface all at the same time, this should subside in 6-8 weeks. You should push through minor break outs and slight dryness but if your skin is reacting like an allergy then stop use. Look our for large sore eruptions, severe itching, severe stinging or burning.

Important: I like my customers to use the four step routine alone without any other products for the first 6-8 weeks once your skin is use to the regular routine then you can start to incorporate other products like serums, masks and eye creams. The reason for this is if your skin does not like the optional products we then know exactly what it is that your skin doesn't like. Some skin types work better with the less is more approach and will actually benefit more from just the four step routine without any other products. 

What is the shelf life of the products? All of the products once opened have a shelf life of 12 Months with the exception of the Chamomile Toner, the chamomile toner is 100% natural and I have decided not to add a preservative but this means it needs to be used within 3 months from opening. 

Your four step routine comes with two very detailed information booklets, each of these booklets contains a whole dedicated section to frequently asked questions for you to read over. If you do have any additional questions please feel free to drop us an email. 

It may sting a tiny bit if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions, a small amount of stinging is normal and should subside in less than a minute.

Please stop using this product if you experience itching, hives, flaking, burning. You can drop us a message if you are not getting on with this product, we will try to advise you first .. if you still do not get on with it we will arrange for you to send it back for a full refund (please note this will not include any postage costs) 

Please check our ingredients list before ordering and check you do not have any known allergies to any of the ingredients. 

When trying a new skincare product especially if you have sensitive skin it is always a good idea to patch test it on a small area, you can do this by popping some behind your ear and keeping an eye on it for 24 hours.

Step One: Cleanse


Pump a 5p size amount of your cleansing cream into clean hands warm it up with a small amount of water and massage it into your face and neck, you can go straight over the eyes and use this to remove any eye makeup. You will be removing this with a gentle flannel in the morning and our resurFACE flannel in the evening. 


Step Two: Exfoliate

This is your exfoliation step which you will carry out once a day. Use your ResurFACE Flannel to remove the cleanser lifting away makeup and grime. Be very gentle around the eyes. I have included a whole leaflet on this step in your pack so please refer to that as it is a very important step and requires a leaflet of it’s own.  


Step Three: Tone

The Toning phase, toning rebalances the levels of the skins natural PH after the deep cleanse you have carried out, our toner is 100% natural so will only last 3 months (that is why only a small bottle is included this is enough to last you 3 months) It is highly concentrated so the best way to apply is by dampening a piece of cotton wool, adding 2 drops to the cotton wool and applying over the whole face, focus on areas of pigmentation or dark circles as it is especially good for brightening and lightning the skin. 


Step Four: Moisturise 

Moisturise using our Secret Formula moisturiser this little cream has got a cult following and you will see why when you try it. Moisturise into face and neck, lips and eyes. Only a thin layer is required. It is a gel/cream hybrid formula so as long as a thin layer is applied you will feel your skin drinks it up very quickly without it leaving an oily residue, it makes a fantastic primer for makeup as it leaves an almost matte like finish. This cream can also be used directly onto skin conditions anywhere on the body. It is healing and great for eczema, acne, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. 

Chamomile Tonic: 100% Natural Chamomile Water (Anthemis Noblis) via steam distillation.

Cleanser: Aqua, Witchhazel Extract, Light coconut oil (fractionated will not clog pores) Glyceryl stearate, Peg 100 stearate, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetyle Alcohol, stearic acid, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin 1 

Secret Formula:  Aqua (Distilled Water)
Glycerin (naturally derived from Vegetables) 
Caprylic/capric Triglyceride (Naturally derived from Coconuts) 
Peg-100 Stearate ( moisturising ingredients derived from vegetables) 
Vitis Vinifera ( Grapeseed Oil) 
Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf powder
Stearic Acid (derived from natural vegetable sources) 
Cetyl Alcohol (waxy fat derived from coconuts) 
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 
Sodium Bicarbonate ( derived naturally from minerals in the ground) 
Glyceryl Stearate (waxy moisturising ingredient derived from vegetables) 
Any product containing water has to legally contain a preservative. We use the most natural and safe preservatives on the skincare market and spare no expense making sure they are of high quality. 
Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexyglycerin. 
All of our ingredients are from sustainable sources, are vegan friendly and derived from natural sources, our products are made in the UK, we would NEVER use any ingredient tested on animals. 
The Shelf life on this product is 12 months from opening. 

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