Peach - Solid Make up Brush Shampoo - 100ml

-23% Peach - Solid Make up Brush Shampoo - 100ml

Our new Peach solid make up brush shampoo will lift grease and dirt from even the filthiest makeup brushes and leave them smelling incredible. 

Did you know you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week? This is so important in preventing skin infections and more commonly helping keep you skin free from bacteria that can cause spots, acne and blemishes. 

Our 100ml pots will go a long way but if you are a makeup artist try our professional sized pots where you get half a litre of product !

-SLS Free

-Vegan Friendly

- Dampen your brush into warm water and circle your brush around the surface of the solid shampoo a few times.The gentle oils and antibacterial properties will lift makeup and dirt from the bristles. 
- Work the soap into the brush using your fingers or a makeup brush cleaning mat.
- Once you see the dirty lifting from the brush rinse under warm water until clean. You can repeat the steps if needed.
- Press out excess water from the brushes into a towel or cloth and then leave your brushes to dry
- Any makeup residue can be easily removed from the surface layer of the solid shampoo by using a damp cloth to wipe over it after each use. 
- Take care to only get the bristles of the brush wet and dry the handle immediately. 

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