Anxiety/Depression/Stress - Crystal Sleep Bag

Anxiety/Depression/Stress - Crystal Sleep Bag

Invite crystals into your life with an open mind and heart and let them do their job. I have been fascinated  and continually amazed by crystals for a number of years which is why I have put together some sleep bags. These can be popped under your pillow while you sleep or held and taken around with you in your bag when you feel they are needed. Each crystal has a huge list of benefits which I will go into further detail about in my blog. The list of benefits I have included below fit in with how they will specifically help you and guide you if you are feeling stressed, down and filled with anxiety. Anxiety can cause physical and mental pain and crystals can really help to bring feelings of peace.

This bag of crystals focuses on anxiety relief and helps when you are feeling down and struggling to face the day each morning. It can aid spells of depression but please take this very seriously and visit your doctor if this is a persistent feeling, if this is a clinical or mental problem you can use your crystals alongside the adequate care from a medical professional. 

Included in this set of crystals are listed below:

Grey Agate - Grey Agate can protect you against a negative attack that may be directed at you by someone, it could be rumours or harsh words this repel any negativity. It can also dispel negative thoughts from your mind so if you are having irrational bad thoughts or feelings of dread hold your grey agate and take some deep breaths and focus on the positive. Grey Agate will infuse you with positive energy and will encourage you to change your life for the better.

Amethyst - If your emotions are taking over your life and clouding your mind this can sometimes lead to foggy thinking and you may not be able to figure out the steps you need to do to progress in your work or home life, Amethyst can help bring clearance to a hazy mindset. This stone can help relieve physical and emotional pain and give inner strength when you need it. 

Carnelian - Anxiety, stress and negative feelings can cause you lack of motivation, Carnelian is great for boosting your creative mind and bringing back passion and excitement for hobbies, work ventures and relationships that you may have recently lost interest for. 

Orange Calcite - A beautiful stone and perfect for what it can do for you if you are suffering from Anxiety , heightened stress or depression. This is my go to stone when I am having a day where I wake up filled with anxiety. Calcite can make you understand that things change and move on and even though you may feel so low today things will get better just take each day as it comes. It will bring you fresh ideas and encourage you to enjoy the pleasures of life and not dwell on the negative thoughts you may be experiencing. It will give you a more positive outlook on life and give you the wisdom you need to deal with the challenges life can throw at you. It will also help dispel a negative self image. Let go of old emotional pain and forgive those who have wronged you. 

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz will bring you inner peace and love with yourself. It helps attract positive life changes. It will encourage you to love yourself wholly and look after yourself. Sometimes self care can seem like a huge effort this can give you the boost you need to get out of bed get yourself showered,  dressed and face the day with strength.  

Cleansing and charging your crystals: I have cleansed and charged these crystals myself however they are sensitive and can pick up energies along their journey to you so I recommend  when your crystals arrive you can soak them in salt water for 1-24 hours (please do not do this with the Hematite or Selenite) whenever you feel like your crystals could have picked up or absorbed any negative energies repeat this step again. You can also supercharge your crystals under a full moon by placing them in the moonlight just after sunset ( I will touch more on this in my blog but please feel free to research this online you will find endless information if you are a new crystal owner) Your crystals are yours they will work with your energy and you will feel connected and loving towards your crystals. 

Crystals should of course not be use in replace of medical help or counselling if you feel you are suffering from anxiety or depression we encourage you seek help with your GP this is VERY important. Crystals bring calmness and guidance to many peoples lives but be responsible with your mental health and speak to someone if you are suffering. 

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