New Home - Crystal Sleep Bag

New Home  - Crystal Sleep Bag

Invite crystals into your life with an open mind and heart and let them do their job. I have been fascinated  and continually amazed by crystals for a number of years which is why I have put together some sleep bags. These can be popped under your pillow while you sleep or held and taken around with you in your bag when you feel they are needed. Each crystal has a huge list of benefits which I will go into further detail about in my blog. The list of benefits I have included below fit in with how they will grace your new home. This is a lovely house warming gift for someone. 

In our New House Crystal set you will get 5 crystals details below and a smudge stick. 

Smudge Stick - Burn your smudge stick at the end and let the smoke cleanse your crystals and then use the smudge stick around each room of the house letting the smoke and aromas flow through the air of each room. Start at the front door and wave the smoke into the air spending a little longer on the corners. Open storage rooms, lofts and cupboards and smudge inside to purify the energy and clear any lingering negativity. Smudge your house at a quiet time when you will not be disturbed and relax into it gently inhaling and relaxing into the smell of the aromas, allow yourself around 15-20 minutes to carry this out. You will need a candle to light your smudge stick, when lighting you can pray if you wish or just mentally focus on bringing positive energy and light into your home, once your smudge stick is lit wave it gently until it starts to smoke and smoulder. You will also need a fireproof dish or some kind a glass bowl will be fine unless you have something specific you want to use , use this to catch any burning herbs from going onto the floor. Use your hands or a feather to waft smoke around the room in the areas you want to guide the smoke, when you are finished end the smudging session at the point you started and gently extinguish your stick in water or a bowl of sand, you can keep your smudge stick for the next time you feel you need to purify the space. 

Citrine - Citrine brings wealth and good fortune in your direction, an essential for any new home in my opinion.  Attracts luck and creates positivity and motivation. 

Tigers Eye - Healing energy stone that can help prevent illness, it also brings good luck and wealth in your direction. 

Rose Quartz - A staple crystal for a new home Rose Quartz is famous for bringing love and passion to the home. It promotes peace and serenity for a tranquil setting. 

Selenite - An all round beautiful stone. Selenite is an angel stone and will offer you protection. Creates a calm and peaceful energy setting and harmony in families. It encouraged positivity and growth.  Selenite is a sensitive stone and will absorb lots of energies so it is recommended you cleanse often however it is porous so ensure you use dry cleansing methods such as burying in salt or using the smoke from your smudge stick. 

Tourmaline - Absorbs electrical energies that can unbalance your energy and the energy of your home. Tourmaline is very protective against negative energy and jealousy and can rid away anything you are bringing into your home from the outside. Keep by your front door and cleanse often. 


Cleansing and charging your crystals: I have cleansed and charged these crystals myself however they are sensitive and can pick up energies along their journey to you so I recommend  when your crystals arrive you can soak them in salt water for 1-24 hours (please do not submerge Hematite or Selenite these need to be dry cleansed as they are porous you can use dry salt and bury then or use the smoke from a smudge stick) whenever you feel like your crystals could have picked up or absorbed any negative energies repeat this step again. You can also supercharge your crystals under a full moon by placing them in the moonlight just after sunset ( I will touch more on this in my blog but please feel free to research this online you will find endless information if you are a new crystal owner) Your crystals are yours they will work with your energy and you will feel connected and loving towards your crystals. 

Crystals should of course not be use in replace of medical help or counselling if you feel you are suffering from anxiety or depression we encourage you seek help with your GP. Crystals bring calmness and guidance to many peoples lives but be responsible with your mental health and speak to someone if you are suffering.

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