Citrine - Raw Electroplated Gold Pendant

Citrine - Raw Electroplated Gold Pendant

18 inch gold plated pendant with gold plated electroplated rough Citrine 

Citrine will keep you positive when you feel like giving up in your work life, bring you luck and can physically draw money to you. When things aren’t going right you need to stay positive and focused to pull it back to where you want to be. Working towards a financial goal within a job or business can be draining and citrine will help boost you up when your low and keep you focused on your goal. Citrine is very powerful and is known as the success stone it will draw wonderful things to you both personally and professionally.

The chains supplied with our crystals are gold/silver plated but will tarnish, you are mainly paying for the crystal which is high quality and will not tarnish, the chains have been thrown in as an extra, if you would like to wear your crystals daily / in water I would advise you invest in a good quality chain for your crystal. If I supplied them with solid gold/silver chains this would be reflected in the price and I would have to charge a lot more for the pendant. 

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