Halloween Trends 2017 Part 2

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Halloween is approaching and we can't stop looking for inspiration. We have already shown you some of 2017's biggest Halloween trends in our previous blog post but we aren't stopping there ! Lets take a look at Halloween Trends 2017 part 2.

Glitter Blood

We are slightly obsessing over glitter blood. You can purchase our glitter blood kit to recreate this look. Glitter blood can be used anywhere and will glam up any gore. 

Credit to Makeupmyday


Clowns have been a continuous prescence for 2017 with the killer clown craze taking over at the beginning of the year, you may rememeber 'funny people' were dressing up like evil clowns across the world to scare unsuspecting victims in the street! The return of Steven Kings IT movie has brought back an even creepier version of Pennywise the evil clown and also American Horror Story fans will have noticed the clown theme has continued to the new series 'Cult'. This being said it is no surprise that we will see lots of clowns in various forms this Halloween. Lets take a look at some of our favourites.


Pennywise by  the amazing @mykie_

Jester Glam by @maddisonjonesmakeup stunning ! 

SFX Queen @akhanartistry (If you love gore you need to check our her work) 



Halloween Trends Part 3 coming soon:

Galactic, Zipper Face, and FaceLace.

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