Candylipz and Bruising - The Low-Down

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Candylipz and Bruising - The Low-down 


We receive lots of questions about the bruising Candylipz has been associated with which in some cases takes away from how amazing this product really is. The bruising is a temporary side effect that is a part of your conditioning  period where your lips are adjusting to the suction. After your conditioning period you can plump as often as you like. Read the information below which tells your everything you need to know about bruising, conditioning and prevention. 


Will Using Candylipz Cause Bruising?
Candylipz can cause a hickey like bruise around your mouth. This bruising only happens in the short time that your lips are not conditioned (used to) the suction. You need to allow your lips 7-10 days to adjust to the suction this is called your conditioning period. After your conditioning is complete bruising is not likely to return unless you do not use your plumper for a long period of time then you will need to condition again. If bruising is severe and lasts longer than 2 weeks you may be anaemic and should stop using Candylipz until you have included more iron in your diet. 
What is The Conditioning Period ?
 You need to allow your lips 7-10 days to adapt and get use to the suction of your new Candylipz extreme plumper. During this Period Bruising is common and varies per person after this period you can use your Candylipz plumper as often as you like.
Here are some general guidelines you can follow to help you through your conditioning period.

Day 1:  Plump your lips for 1 minute up  to 4 times with a couple of hours gap in between so in total you will have help the suction on your lips for 4 minutes in total 

Day 2 to day 3: Rest, if you do not have any signs of bruising go ahead and repeat day 1.

Day 4 to 6: Apply the suction for 2 minutes and then take a 2 minute break and repeat ones. Today you would have had max 4 minutes suction on your lips. 

Day 7 to 9: Apply the suction for 2 minutes take a 2 minute break and repeat two more times, in total you would have had 6 minutes suction.

Day 10 and forward: You can plump your lips as often as you like. If your lips are sore please rest a few days before you start again. Bruising should not occur again. However, all individuals conditioning period are different. If this is the case, give your lips a break until the bruises clear before you start to plump your lips again.


Does the mouth cushion reduce the chances of bruising?

No, the mouth cushion increases the suction of the lip plumper therefore it is not recommended for first time users. Most people do not need a mouth cushion. The mouth cushion does reduce the temporary red ring that can appear around the mouth after use but this disappears on it's own anyway within about 10 minutes. 


Can I prevent bruising from occurring in the first place?

If you are really worried about bruising cut down your timings by half throughout your conditioning period so plump for 20-30 seconds instead of 1 minute and gradually increase daily. You conditioning period may last a little longer before you are ready for 4 minutes full suction but you can potentially avoid getting a cupping mark. 

We recommend you purchase an Arnica cream which is for prevented and healing bruises, you can find this in the Candylipz section on our website. Straight after you have plumped during your conditioning period massage the arnica cream in quite firmly around your lips and top part of your mouth just under your nose and the lower part of your lip just above your chin, these are the areas bruising is most likely to occur. 

It is also advised you eat an iron rich balanced diet and drink plenty or water. 


How to get rid of cupping marks quickly?

If you have cupping marks massage arnica cream into the lips twice daily for a few minutes. We have found most of our Candylipz users that have followed this method have had short conditioning periods. Massage using to fingers and applying a firm pressure over the cupping mark and gently drag as if you are moving the blood away from the surface of your skin.