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Strobing The Latest Makeup Trend



I am sure you have recently come across #strobing on your social media feed. Strobing is the latest makeup trend taking over instagram and twitter and has become the makeup trend of the season being seen on celebrities. 

I personally love strobing. It so quick and easy and can brighten and awaken your face in just a few steps. Strobing is applying highlighter to the areas of the face where light would naturally hit, so your cheekbones, browbones, down the centre of your nose, centre of your forehead, inner corners of your eyes, above your upper lip and your chin.  Dabbing light shimmery shades will give you instant radiance and a healthy glow. Strobing is perfect for the summer and it is great on holiday, you will not feel like you have a heavy layer of makeup on your face as it is very light. 
How to achieve the perfect Strobe:
1. Prime your face with an illuminating primer. 
2. Apply your foundation. We recommend you use a foundation slightly more on the matte side.
3. Use your Iconic Strobing stick and highlight your cheek bones, bridge of your nose centre of your forehead, browbones, inner and outer corner of your eyes, cupids bow and chin. If you have oily skin it is best to skip the chin, forehead and cupids bow as you do not want to end up looking sweaty. 
4. Gently blend with a sponge.
5. You can apply a light layer of blush to your cheekbones but we recommend using a matte bronzer or deeper tone of matte pink so it does not clash with your highlighter.