8 Weird Plastic Surgeries You Won’t Believe Exist

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8 Weird Plastic Surgeries You Won’t Believe Exist


From toe tucks to Donuts inserted into the centre of your forehead … we have researched some of the strangest platic surgeries from around the world. You won’t believe the reason why some of these extreme surgeries are carried out… and by choice!


Number 1: Eye  Colour Surgery.

A medical grade implant made from silicone is placed into eye to permanently change the colour. The treatment was developed in the US but has to be carried out abroad as it is not yet approved by the FDA. ‘Tiny’ wife of rapper T.I who travelled to Africa to have the implants famously endorsed the treatment on her twitter account stating how thrilled she was with her new ice-blue eye implants. The treatment claims to be an easy and relatively safe procedure but is not without risk.


Number 2 : Bagel Head

Gaining popularity with underground japenese culture in  2014  is a strange body modification known as ‘Bagel Head’. The procedure involved a medical grade silicone being injected via a drip into the forehead and a hole pressed into the middle giving the appearance of a bagel sitting under the skin. Luckily it is not a permanent effect. Hmm we would rather not go there in the first place.


Number 3: Eyelash Implants – That never stop growing

Aroung the $6000 (approx. £3000) mark can get you permanently long lashes , that never stop growing!  This treatment currently gaining popularity in the U.S promises you long luscious lashes that you can grow as long as you like. Hair is grafter from the head onto the upper eyelid. The new hairs must be trimmed regularly and curled for shape.



Number 4: Palm Line Alterations

Did you ever want to change your destiny? Now you can… Palm line alterations are now available in Japan so you can take you fate into your own hands. A flesh burning scalpel is used to add or adjust the lines on the palm of the hand to add wealth , marriage or longer life. The treatment takes around 15 minutes.


Number 5: Toe Tuck

If you have ever owned a pair of Loubs you will know they are not great for a wide foot. Now you don’t need to worry because you can have the bone taken from your baby toe. Apparently clients of this treatment would bring in shoes they longed to fit into but couldn’t due to a slightly wide foot.


Number 6 – Nose job (not what you think)

Well I stumbled across this on my journey researching weird plastic surgeries and I think this could be one of the weirdest… you can grow a nose on your head.. and probably other parts of the body if you want. Why not?! After a little more research into this I found that the person in the picture below is growing a nose on his head to hopefully have a transplanted onto his face due to irreparable damage to his own nose in a car accident, I’m relieved to realise he didn’t purposely want to walk around with a nose on his head. As of yet I haven’t been able to find out if the nose was successfully transplanted.


Number 7  - ‘Pokertox’

Worried that your poker face might affect your chances of winning on your next trip to Vegas? Well worry no more because you can have Botox to paralyze (temporarily relax as aestheticians like to call it) the muscles on your face that show the tell-tale signs your lying. Extreme poker players really are paying for this procedure to hide any sign of emotion that could ruin their game.


Number 8 - Extreme Body Transformations

It seems plastic surgery has evolved so much that you can literally transform into anything you want just take a look at some of the extreme body transformations below.