Support Small Businesses

Posted by By Gemma Wright 12/04/2015 0 Comment(s)


Something I feel strongly about is the importance of supporting small/growing businesses. It's hard work building a business from scratch without a financial backing like big companies and brands have and the fact is it wouldn't be possible without us as customers purchasing and promoting. I have been lucky enough to have gained a lovely base of loyal customers which I am really proud of and appreciate it so much.
I always try to buy from one off boutiques or find someone who makes homemade goods like jewellery or skincare products. The lady who makes my Dirty Scrub products for example is a mum of two children she hand-makes everything from the best natural ingredients , I love it and feel good that I am supporting her business as well as bringing you great products. 
I love unique things and when you buy something from a major store millions and millions of people have it , I could sit for hours looking on Instagram at handmade shabby chic furniture and up-cycled randomness. 
I'm not sure when you would class somewhere or yourself as a big or successful business I think it's when you as a business owner has achieved your goals or maybe some people would think its when you've made your first million, either way it wouldn't be achieved without the support and word of mouth from their customers.
If your a small business with unique products get in touch if you would like me to review or share your products with my followers.