Review By Franceska Shirka

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Review by Franceska Shirka - @sagerimakeup


Royal Langnickle - Baby Pink and Silver 12 pc Brush set.


First of all, I am a brush hoarder and I will use a brush down to its last standing bristle.  :P


I had never come across this brush set before online so I was very interested in seeing how well they performed. 

First of all the packaging is to die for! I’m a sucker for brushes that come in their own case that can also be used as a brush holder! This is so perfect for traveling and storing your brushes on your dresser with no mess.

I was skeptical when first trying these brushes out, Theylooked like the generic eBay brushes that sell for £15 that are really bad quality and shed more than my neighbors cat lol! But to my surprise I was 100% WRONG!!


The quality of these brushes actually surprised me! They’re super soft, the bled products flawlessly and the set includes every brush you would need for nay type of look!, Smokey simple looks to detailed artistic looks! And they don’t shed!! I’ve washed them once do far and didn’t see one hair drop from them. I was SO pleased! When fully dried the brushes remained in their shape perfectly, it looked like I had never used them and washed them !!


My favorite brushes in this set are:

Contour: this is the perfect size for applying your contour or bronzer in the hallows of your cheeks! The angled fluffy shape makes it so easy to blend out and spread product evenly. 


Concealer: Your generic small flat concealer brush! Not too big to cover too much  and not too small for you to take forever to blend your concealer out! Also perfect for cleaning up your brow bone!


Angled: Oh my god! This brush is god sent! I have never found an angled brush as of yet that is stiff enough to apply brow product so accurately! I know its used for eyeliner which I also use (for my waterline) but for my brows… this does wonders! Leaves such a thin crisp perfect line perfectly almost every time!! 


Smudger and crease: Love these two! I usually use the crease brush to actually define my contour lightly!! It works so well and it really does blend! When I usually buy a brush set I never find a perfect crease brush in it! This is the first and my fave!! The smudger is also great! Especially for creating a flawless cut crease, smudging product under your waterline and applying the smallest amount of dark colour eye shadow for a perfect Smokey eye! 


I love all the brushes in this set but those were some of my go to! I reach out for them in almost every look that I create due to as of yet can not beat them! 

For the retail price of £29.99 I personally think it’s a bargin! You will get a lot of use out of this set and you will be guaranteed to use every brush!


This Product is 100% Vegan and comes in 4 different fun colours!


Review by Franceska Shirka - @sagerimakeup