How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

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ingrown hair

Say Goodbye to ingrown hairs. 

Is it a boil? Is it a spot? Is it cyst? No it could be an infected ingrown hair !! 
As an intimate waxing specialist I have seen and removed (safely and hygienically) many ingrown hairs everyone of my waxing clients who come to visit me have suffered from ingrown hairs at some point but after a few simple tips they manage to keep them at bay. 
An ingrown hair is a hair that has not been able to pierce its way and grow through the skin, therefore it curls itself back around and decides to grow inwards (ouch!) The most likely cause of ingrown hairs is a build up of dead skin in the pore, thick , coarse and curly hairs are the most likely culprit. 
An ingrown hair looks like a spot under the skin, however if infected they can turn nasty and become angry hard lumps of puss that are very sore. You must be very careful not squeeze or scratch at the lumps as this is how they become infected. Removal of a deep ingrown hair is best left to a professional who will use a very thin sterile needle, but in most cases they eventually free themselves but its best to just try and prevent them in the first place. 
So we are now leading up to summer and I am sure most of you are planning on wearing a swimsuit this year and hopefully you will be able to feel confident without nasty red bumps around your bikini line area. I am going to go over a few tips to help you prevent nasty ingrowns before they appear saving you the worry of trying to get rid of them when it's too late.
The simplest way to prevent ingrown hairs is to stop all hair removal systems and let your lady garden go free, although I can't see that coming back in fashion any time soon. Although beards seem to have made a come back ? Maybe not.
Hair Removal Methods and Ingrown hair Prevention
I have been an intimate waxing specialist for 4 years now I carry out hollywoods and Brazilians on a regular basis. First things first you need to make sure you are going to someone with an intimate waxing qualification , waxing 'down there' is very different to waxing a leg and incorrect removal of hair will actually cause ingrown hairs. The first question you should be asking before booked an extreme wax is what wax do they use hot (dries on you and shrink wraps around the hair no strips are used for removal does not pull or tug at your delicate skin) or warm (very sticky and pulled of with a strip can tug at delicate skin and likely cause bruising. Personally I don't think warm wax should be allowed anywhere near the bikini area, I'm not saying that no one has mastered the art of the Hollywood with warm wax but if you find a hot wax expert you will never go back. Hot wax opens the pores and grabs the hair directly from the root minimising your chances of ingrowing hairs, someone with experience may snap the hair at the root which is likely to cause one. 
The most common method of hair removal and usually blamed for causing ingrown hairs. Not necessarily the case although shaving does stimulate and create thicker coarser hair for some people waxing for years has made there hairs so week they struggle to pierce through the skin, usually I recommend they shave once in between there waxing cycle and the hairs strengthen back up again and are fine the next time I see them. The best thing for you to do if you are going to shave is use a sharp good razor. I recommend the razor called L'azor by King of shaves , Queen of shaves range. I will add the link at the bottom of the post. If you can avoid shaving dead smooth this will really help you so if you having got any special weekend plans if you know what I mean, leave a little stubble there this will stop the dead skin from being able to build up in your pores and blocking your hair follicles. If you are determined to give yourself a close shave then you need to use a good sharp razor. Make sure you are not dry or even wet shaving, you need to use a good gel to help your razor glide, I recommend Sass smooth and shave, it is specially formulated for ingrown hair prevention and use in your intimate areas so will not cause itching and irritation like normal shaving foam can do by unbalancing your PH Levels this is available on my website under the body and skin section > intimate hygiene. 
Laser Hair Removal:
If you can afford it I would recommend it, I am Lasered all over and would spend the money again in a heartbeat. It kills the follicle at the root leaving you smooth as the inside of your arm and as there is no hairs to grow inwards you have solved your problem. However it is costly , pretty painful , and does take a good few months to see the end result so it's not an option for everyone. 
Scrub, Scrub and Scrub!
Exfoliating is one of the best steps you can take in preventing ingrown hairs. Remember how I said Dead skin build up is the main cause of ingrowns. Exfoliate your skin before waxing or shaving to help release any hairs that are starting to ingrow and catch them before they can embed themselves. I recommend my Dirty Scrub coffee scrub for this as long as you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, a body brush or exfoliating mitts are also a good option. 
Use a post hair removal cream
I recommend Sass perfect skin concentrate. You apply this straight after waxing or shaving it soothes the area and you can continue use daily yourself at home it actually contains Ingredients that reduce your hair growth and help prevent ingrowns from returning my keeping the skin nourished and supple and preventing dead skin build up.