If It's Covered in Glitter.... I want it !

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If It’s Covered in Glitter… I WANT IT !



“The company was established in early 2014. It first started as a hobby, with items made for friends and family, the interest soon grew so the decision was made to start up as a company. In such a short period of time the business quickly excelled, we now have a good customer base, with many returning customers. We are based in Flintshire, North Wales but ship throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.”


I first saw these gorgeous glitter bottles a couple of years ago and was instantly attracted to them. For a while I even thought about doing it myself as a business but the effort and perfection that needs to be carried out did not fit in with my hectic schedule at the time.

I have purchased these as gifts for a number of my friends from glitter-glasses and I think they make the perfect inexpensive and thoughtful gift. The look on their face is priceless when you turn an average bottle into a sparkling masterpiece and lets face it .. Most girls LOVE anything covered in glitter. The only downside is they will saver to bottle for a special occasion when you were hoping for a pre-drink!

Glitter-Glasses is a company I have personally used for over a year. The items they produce are always perfect. So much that I decided to go into business with them. I developed a range of brushes and had them glittered, the outcome was amazing… you can still purchase these now from there website ! I stopped selling them as it was not cost effective for me but myself and my customers loved them, Even Holly Hagan has a set !

You can rest assured that all of Glitter-Glasses products are produced to an extremely high standard and the best quality products are used. Each item is professionally sealed with acrylic which means the glitter is waterproof and will not budge no matter how many glasses of champagne you get through. The huge range or colours and designs available will blow your mind. And you can find a design to match any occasion. I personally have purchased a bride and groom set and a gold bottle of Moet as a moving in gift to name a couple.

Even once the corks been popped and the Champagnes been enjoyed you have a stunning keepsake that looks great on your wine shelf!

Gemma Wright x

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