Brightening/Pigmentation Serum

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Is our brightening night serum for you?

Serums should be the most active product in your skincare routine. By active I mean this product contains a high concentration of amazing quality active ingredients that will drip feed into your skin while you sleep. The reason our serums are for PM is because the sunlight can interfere with the specific ingredients used and cause sensitivities to your skin in the long run. This blog post will focus on our Brightening and Pigmentation serum, going into great detail on each ingredient. Hopefully this post will help you decide if it is for you. 
Before choosing what serum is right for you it is important that the very first thing you target is sensitivity. If you have any sensitive areas including areas of sore inflamed acne then please go for our sensitive serum until your skin is feeling less reactive, you can then start to gradually introduce a serum such as our ‘Brightening’
You can also alternate serums which I will go into detail about a little later in this blog post. 
Skin pigmentation can happen at any age. I myself started to notice areas of pigmentation around my mouth, under my eyes when I was in my teens and I have noticed mine changes throughout my monthly cycle,  I also have one random patch on my cheek which I think is due to some kind of trauma to the skin at some point in my teens, most likely when I was squeezing my blind spots to death. 
Skin pigmentation is what causes an appearance of uneven skin tone, it can be caused by the aging process, hormonal changes, scars, skin damage, and excessive sun exposure, poor diet and smoking. You may notice your skin is worse in the summer, looks yellowy and dull in the winter, and worse if you are pregnant or on your period. 
We have put our serum together with a combination of great ingredients for improving pigmentation and overall brightening the skin making it look healthier and even. 
So lets get started by focusing on the important ingredients one by one. 
AQUA- water… Our Serum is water based but does also contain some oils, the oils are fractionated (in easy terms the fatty acids have been removed and it is a very lightest version of the oils so not to block pores) 
Rosehip Oil - Makes the skin less reactive and soothes the skin, because this serum contains acids Rosehip oil is in here to help with barrier repair and reduce irritation.
Vitamin E - An antioxidant in quick terms an antioxidant is a compound that protects your cells from harm, in regards to the skin specifically this could be things like cigarette smoke, pollution or radiation. Vitamin E also makes the other ingredients more effective and works especially well with Vitamin C. It helps reduce and heal sun damaged cells one of the most common reasons for pigmentation. 
Vitamin C and E - Together Vitamin C targets the water parts of your skin cells and vitamin E targets the and protects the oils parts of your skin cells. This ingredients combined are great for maintaining youthful skin cells and should be incorporated into your skincare routine from around the age of 25. 
Chamomile - We have included chamomile in our serum as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, when using acids on the skin it is normal for it to feel slightly irritated for a short while this is fine but the chamomile will help to soothe this. 
Citric Acid - Battles pollution and reduces signs of sun damage. 
Lactic Acid - Gentle eats away the surface layer of skin cells revealing healthy brighter skin. This is an ingredients that is essential if your skin is looking yellowy/dull. It resurfaces the skin and works best in products used at night. 
Malic Acid - Boosts collagen production in the skin and promotes cell renewal again essential in brightening the skin and making it ‘plumper’ 
Glycolic Acid - The most effective Alpha Hydroxy Acid as it penetrates so deeply into the skin. Glycolic acid stimulates fibroblast cells which are responsible for collagen production and increasing cell renewal. Increased cell renewal will give the skin a more all over even skin tone. This should only be used in night products as it can be affected by radiation, sun exposure and pollution. 
Grapefruit - The amazing aroma of our brightening serum comes from the grapefruit, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and also a powerful detoxing ingredient. 
How to use our Brightening/Pigmentation serum
Your Brightening serum should only be used as part of your PM routine. You will slot it in between steps 3 and four. 
Step 1 - Cleanse 
Step 2 - ResurFACE/Regular flannel 
Step 3 - Chamomile Tonic
Optional step - Brightening Serum 
Step 4 - Chloe’s Secret Formula moisturiser
You can face map with the serums which means only applying the brightening/pigmentation serum directly to areas of pigmentation and then for example using the dry serum directly onto dry areas. Do not layer or overlap the serum. Another way you can use more than one serum is by alternation days, so one evening use your brightening serum and the next use your dry serum (this works with all of the serums depending on your skin type) this can also work well if you are getting a little sensitive from the brightening serum which is very possible but also normal then you can use it 3 times a week and use our sensitive serum the rest of the week. 
The skin can feel slightly uncomfortable for a short time when incorporating the ingredients above into your routine, mild discomfort is fine and normal as is a small amount of flaking as your skin resurfaces. IF your skin becomes very sore, very itchy, inflamed, bright red then cease use it may not be for you.