Vegan Friendly List

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Vegan Friendly List


The Hooked Up Shop team are animal lovers ! We ensure we only stock products that are cruelty free and we are taking steps to make sure that the majority of our products are suitable for vegans. 

Please be assured that the products we stock are cruelty free so items that are not on this list may contain items not suitable for vegans but no aminals have been harmed to create them. Before we take on a new product or brand whether or not they are cruelty free is the first question we ask before we go any further. 

We have often been asked for a  list of our vegan products which we would send over when requested, so I have decided to publish this list and will edit it accordingly when new products are added to the website. 


The Gypsy Shrine
The Gypsy Shrine (All)


House Of Beauty
Lip Hybrids 
Loose Pigments 


OFRA Cosmetics
OFRA Skincare and Makeup (All) 

Unicorn Lashes (select styles) 
Rebel Smoke
Unicorn Brushes


Glitter Eyes
Glitter Eyes (All) 
Glitter Palettes (All)
Rainbow Unicorn Highlighter


Makeup Monsters Cosmetics
Makeup Monsters Cosmetics (All)


Airbase Eyeshadow Palettes 



Royal and Langnickel 
Box and Wrap kits 
MODA Brushes
MODA Singles
Revolution Profession Brushes 

Certifeye (All)


Mermaid Salon
Mermaid Salon Brushes 


Candylipz (All)
Arnica Cream


PaintGlow Chunky Glitter 

Amazing Shine
Amazing Shine Lashes (Made from ethically sourced Human Hair)
(I am unsure as to whether or not ethically sourced Human Hair would be suitable for vegans. I have added it to this list but I will leave this up to you! If anyone has any input on this please let me know if you feel it should not be in this list)


Bravura Dermaflannel

Warpaint Teeth Whitening