Trefiel Lace Face Masks

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Trefiel Lace Face Masks


A fresh you in 30 minutes .......

Our loyal customers know that at Hooked Up Shop we are always on the look out for unique and good quality products.

We were asked by one of our customers whether we would consider stocking this brand so we decided  to get on the case. After trying the Lace mask ourselves and falling in love with the results and product we made the decision to bring them over all the way from Australia and make them available to our lovely followers. 
So here is the info you need to know.
What is it?

The Lace hydromask is a sheet mask that is designed to hydrate your skin fast. Inside your packet, you’ll find a lace sheet mask shaped like your face and soaked in special serums designed to nourish your skin like nothing else out you’ve ever tried before.


How does it work?

The masks hydrate in two ways:

First, they have used the best plant extracts and mixed them into one super formula that acts like a green juice for your skin. It will fill your skin with the good stuff.

Second, the lace sheet mask will help to lock all of the goodness inside your skin. Or, as we call it, hydration on double-time.


How do you use it?

Step 1: Cleanse like there’s no tomorrow.

Step 2: Rip open this pack and peel the mask from its protective film.

Step 3: Gently spread the two halves over your face. Overlap for best results.

Step 4: Snap a selfie and tag @trefiel to go in the running to win a Pamper Club box.

Step 5: Relax for 15-30 minutes. Pop a bottle of champagne. Meditate. Netflix on the couch. They’re all good options.

Step 6: Peel the mask off and check yourself out. Discreetly if in public.

Step 7: Let your skin soak up the remaining goodness. No wash needed.


Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

The formulas do not contain any retinoids (Vitamin A), Salicylic Acid, soy, or other chemicals which should be avoided during pregnancy. So yes you can safely use this product.

As always though, check the label and seek professional advice if in doubt.

Which mask should I buy?
You can choose from Firming, Moisturising , Repairing and Brightening.  Every mask is anti-aging and suitable for even the most senitive skin types. Have a read of the product descriptions and see which your skin needs the most.