Buy Tecnomed Fitness belt in the UK

Posted by By Gemma Wright 12/08/2015 0 Comment(s)

Hooked up Shop are now officially the first UK  stockists for Tecnomed Fitness Belts in the UK. We are excited to bring you one of the best waist trimmers in the world suitable for use in an out of the gym. Made famous by Venezuelan beauty queens due to the effectiveness and speed this Gym corset delivers results. 
Your new Tecnomed corset can be worn throughout your workout to shape, reduce and protect your silhouette. Lose unwanted inches around your waistline through targeted perspiration over your abdomen , waist and back all the while protecting your core and lower back. Tecnomed Xtreme Power fitness belts are completely adjustable and can be tightened and released very quickly due to the elasticated velcro straps situated at the front of the corset. If you need a tighter compression and more support you will bring the bands in closer to the centre and you simply release the bands and let them spring back to the starting position if you need less compression and more movement. 
You can use your Tecnomed for everyday waist training , please be aware they are stronger than most of the waist training corsets as they can be tightened as much as you want. You will only need to wear these for up to 4 hours daily. Start on the loosest setting whilst doing every tasks and chores and gradually bring the straps in further to the middle each day for a gradual waist training process to narrow your waist helping you achieve coke bottle curves. You should start to see results within a couple of weeks and this process can be enhanced by healthy eating and wearing it whilst exercising. 
Choose from a range of fun colours to suit your personality and gym wardrobe. 
- Adjusts to body movements at all times. 
- Soft, flexible and comfortable.
- Highly Compressive for waist training 
- Helps prevent muscle injury whilst lifting weights.
- Reduce unwanted inches in a short time. 
- Tecnomed's unique design emphasises proper alignment in your core muscles. 
- Reduces strain on lower back.
- Enhances your workout.
- Can be used outside of the gym as an everyday waist trainer 
- Adjustable for gradual waist training