Have You Got Sass?

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Have you got SASS?


By Harriet Morrall



SASS believes that women like you deserve to have something that fits your lifestyle. This is why they have created a range of products that will help you feel your best, look your best and give everything. SASS is an intimate care brand for real women who never compromise. SASS is confident, ambitious and strives to succeed. With their range consisting of 9 products you are spoilt for choice. With their daily cleansers, to their sportive serums, there is finally a product available on the market. Unlike shower gels, which can alter your pH balance, creating problems such as thrush, SASS is 100% safe and is formulated to maintain your intimate harmony. Even better it helps promote the good bacteria and prevent unwanted smells. It is also dermatologically tested and gynecologist approved, so there are no doubts that this isn’t suitable for your intimate area. 


Their smooth and sooth shave gel' will become your new best friend, a crystal clear shave gel that soothes and is suitable for intimate use, along with their ‘Perfect Skin Concentrate’, a soothing post shave balm that helps prevent ingrown hairs and minimise hair regrowth. Not only is this suitable for after shaving, but waxing too!


For those of you who give your all and push the boundaries when it comes to sport, the ‘Protection Barrier Cream’ and ‘Recovery Serum’ will ensure you are never held back and are able to go again the next day! These help to reduce skin friction, soothe irritation during intense activity, provide cooling relief and soothe irritation after intense activity. Perfect for those into spinning or saddle sports such as triathlons. 


You don’t need to have a reason to use these products, in fact once you start using SASS you will wonder why you never did before. After all you wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth would you?! This is why SASS has included a cleanser in the range, for daily use, so you can feel your best every day. 



Beautifully packaged and so discreet, you no longer need to dread bumping into someone, with that embarrassed look clutching at what you have just picked up off the shelf.  The range is affordably priced between £7-£16.



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