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We are all guilty when it comes to over indulging during the festive period. From too many cheese boards to that next glass of champagne you just can’t say no to. We all reach New Years Eve contemplating whether or not those pigs in blankets have actually turned us into that pig in blanket, to then continue the night drinking another glass of champagne you probably could have done without. But oh well, Christmas is for fun and laughter with those friends and family closest to us, so that little extra warmth we may have gained over Christmas is nothing January can’t sort out. 


Turning into a gym bunny may not be top of the agenda for everyone in January, but for those who are keen to detox for the New Year and attend those extra spinning classes will be grateful for our SASS Intimate Skincare Sports Range. For those who have attempted any form of intense exercise, from spinning to a long bike ride, we all know how uncomfortable we can feel afterwards. SASS has created a sports range for those who want to push their boundaries when it comes to sport. Both products help to reduce skin friction, soothe irritation during and after intense activity and provide a cooling relief. 


The whole SASS range is pH balanced to the female intimate area and is therefore 100% safe to use. Even better, SASS doesn’t test on animals.



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