ResurFACE Flannel

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What is it?


Don’t let it’s ‘regular flannel’ appearance deceive you! Our ResurFACE Flannel is made from a fabric that is woven in a very special way. The ResurFACE flannel exfoliates away the top layer of dead skin cells, resurfacing the areas you focus on. This is the second step in our four step skin care routine. You will notice improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin after one use, continue regular use for even more amazing results.  








What are the benefits of the Witches Lab ResurFACE Flannel ?


The benefits you can look forward to seeing are: 

    ⁃    Reduction of enlarged pores

    ⁃    Appearance of pigmentation and sun damage will be improved

    ⁃    Skin will be smooth, bright and dewy looking, it will glow from one use.

    ⁃    Makeup will apply like a dream.

    ⁃    After a week or so of daily use you can expect a huge improvement in blackhead and whitehead reduction. 

    ⁃    The deep cleaning and removal of hard to reach bacteria will mean cystic acne will be reduces

    ⁃    Fine lines and wrinkles will appear reduced making it fantastic for giving you younger looking fresh skin.


How to use the ResurFACE Flannel?


Massage your Chloe’s Secret Formula cleanser over your whole face, eyes, neck and chest and use your flannel lightly dampened to remove all the cleanser, you can gentle scrub in a circular motion around areas you would like to target like a cluster of blackheads, areas of pigmentation, patches of acne or dry flaky skin. 

(If you are wearing makeup carry out two cleanses, your first cleanse use a regular flannel to lift the makeup, for your second cleanse use your resurFACE flannel) 


My customers have been following this routine and seeing amazing results.


Do not be deceived I repeat do not be deceived ! The flannel is very abrasive and only a very gentle hand is needed to get the desired results. Do not scrub any areas roughly because you may graze the skin, also avoid using over your delicate eye and lip area, if you experience any sensitivity after using daily cut down to every other day/twice a week, you will find out what suits you best. On the days you are not using the ResurFACE Flannel switch it to a gentle flannel or muslin cloth. 


Your ResurFACE flannel is going to be step 2 in your skincare routine, but only once a day, if you are carrying out your 4 step routine morning and night replace your resurFACE flannel in the morning  with a regular gentle flannel or muslin cloth, it is always great to keep a supply of gentle flannels and ResurFACE flannels in rotation as nothing else cleans your skin as well. 



How does the ResurFACE Flannel work?


Your ResurFACE Flannel will be replacing your exfoliation step in your usual routine, it has been proven that microbead and gritty cream exfoliators cause tiny scratches on the surface of your skin and show little benefit to the skin. Acid exfoliators and flannels such as this give much better long term results and cause less damage to the skin. The fibres of the flannel will lift dirt, grime and bacteria from your pores, remove dead skin and leave a fresh soft glowing layer of skin behind.   


How do you wash the ResurFACE Flannel?

After using your flannel hand wash with hot water and leave to dry, it will be ok to use 1-2 more times with a good hot hand wash, then throw it in with your towels without fabric conditioner. 


Where does the ResurFACE Flannel fit into the Witches Lab Skincare routine?

Step 2 of the skin care routine is where you will use your ResurFACE Flannel, to remove your cleanser, once a day. Use a regular gentle face flannel for removing your cleanser if you carry the routine out twice a day. 


Can you use the ResurFACE Flannel on the body?

Yes in fact it works amazing on the body especially on ingrown hairs and skin conditions like Keratosis Pilaris. 



Is there any other unexpected ways you can use the ResurFACE Flannel?

-It is amazing before shaving and can prevent and massively improve ingrown hairs. 

-Use on stretch marks before applying a stretch mark oil to get the best possible results, it will remove any layers of dead skin and stimulate blood flow to the area allowing for maximum absorption of any oils you put on the area. 

-INCREDIBLE on improving Keratosis Pilaris.  

-Before you are due to go on a night out cleanse and use your ResurFACE flannel to create a flawless base with a natural flow for your foundation.  


How long will the ResurFACE Flannel last ?

Your flannel can last years even being washed regularly if you avoid fabric conditioner, I do recommend you have more that one flannel, it is good to build up a collection so you always have some to alternate when your other flannels are in the wash. 


My skin has grazed using the ResurFACE flannel why is this?

Be much more gentle when using the flannel you do not need to scrub vigorously with it, the flannel is very deceiving don’t be fooled. Just be gentle moving forward and cease use until the grazing has healed. 


My skin is sore after using the ResurFACE Flannel why is this? 

You may be using the flannel to roughly, be much more gentle moving forward, your skin may also be sensitive in which case cut use of the flannel down to 2-3 days a week instead of daily, make sure you are applying Chloe’s Secret Formula daily moisturiser after using. 



I have sensitive skin should I still use the resurFACE Flannel everyday?

If your skin is sensitive I would recommend using the flannel 2-3 times a week , if this is still to much for your skin cut it down until you find what is best suitable for you, remember you do not need to scrub vigorously with the flannel a gentle buffing is sufficient to still see the benefits. 


Do I use the  ResurFACE Flannel Wet or Dry?

You will get the best results from using your flannel damp more verging on the wet side, make sure you are using it to remove our cleanser so it glides over the skin, it can be a bit too rough if using it directly on the skin with just water. 


Is there any areas of the face I should avoid using the ResurFACE Flannel? 

Avoid extensive/ rough use around your delicate eye area, if you are tackling Milia a very light gentle buffing on the area is sufficient. 

Avoid your lips, the skin is very thin here and you will make them sore.