Attention Insomniacs

Posted by Gill wright 08/02/2018 0 Comment(s)
Essential Oils and Our Sleep Balms


Many of you have been messaging me asking me about our sleep balms. What are they and how they might work

Our sleep balms are safely produced by our resident Qualified Aromatherapist who has nearly 30 years experience using essential oils as a beauty and massage therapist.

The Key active ingredients in our balms are essential oils.

What are essential oils,you may ask....

Essential oils are the essence of a flower or plant. They are what protect the plant from attack from bacteria and fungus and what helps with pollination by attracting insects and birds. The essential oils are what you can smell.

They are extracted for use by various methods. Some plants give copious amounts of oil so the essential oils will be quite cheap,others like rose require 10.000 rose heads  to get 5 mils of oil.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to promote good health and wellbeing, they have been used to relieve pain, kill bacteria, soothe and heal. In more recent years the emotional and psychological use of essential oils have been discovered and each oil has been found to have its own uses both on the body and on the mind, it may uplift, it may subdue.

There have been many studies now on essential oils and they are becoming more and more important to the modern world as we try to turn away from pills and seek a more natural approach for what ails us.

What essential oils do we use in our sleep balms?


We have three different sleep balms one is mainly Lavender, one neroli and one chamomile. 


Original Sleep Balm 

Lavender is proven to slow the activity of the nervous system and induce calm a study of individuals at Southampton university were given lavender against a placebo and were found to show a 20% increase in sleep improvement.

Chamomile reduces anxiety levels and promotes better sleep patterns and a relaxed state of mind.It helps you switch off.

Ylangylang helps with negative emotions and depression and acts as a mild sedative.


Neroli Sleep Balm

Our luxury Neroli sleepbalm has the same great properties as the original balm but a bit more complex. It is also for those who maybe dislike the smell of lavender or want a little bit more luxury. It comes in a heavy gold lid jar with a beautiful illustrated label.

The main active essential oil and predominant aroma is Neroli.

Neroli comes from the blossom of the Seville orange tree.Its a very calming oil which is good at relieving stress 

We also have as a dominant oil 

Rose - Which enhances a feeling of relaxed wellbeing 

Marjoram - Relieves anxiety and promotes restful sleep through a gentle sedative effect.

Lavender  - We have lavender for its sleep inducing soothing and relaxing properties but it blends well with the other oils and is not a predominant scent.

Bitter orange - Is calming to to the emotions.slows the mind and calms tantrums,it us often used to aid meditation.


So all in all a powerful combination.We know you are already loving our balms and even though we knew they worked and we know the power behind essential oils it still amazes us reading some of your fantastic feed back.

We aim to keep our base ingredients as organic as possible,always vegan that includes not using beeswax and as natural as possible. We will only be using artificial preservatives and other  ingredients where absolutely necessary ie where law requires it. At this time all of our products are completely natural.