Iconic Lipstick Review by Franceska Shirka

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Iconic Liquid Lipstick Review by Franceska Shirka 



Iconic is a brand that I had never come across before but I was being open-minded and decide to give them a chance! I am not a lip-gloss type of girl, I have curly hair and live in the UK = hair sandwich! The only lip glosses I ever swore by was the Gerard Cosmetics due to their great pigmentation.. 


However Iconic has totally walked right over those glosses and has definitely owned its place in my heart! Everything from the colours, to pigmentation, to smell is SPOT ON! 


The applicator is a flat lip-gloss type applicator, however its super easy to apply precisely! The colours are amazing! Ranging from berries, nudes, to florescent summer colours and the pigmentation blows me away honestly every time I apply them!


These apply as a lip-gloss and dry as a CREAMY LIPSTICK! You know when you smush your lips together to blend lipstick and its creamy? Tats the texture it dries to! Its not sticky or tacky or heavy on the lip! And best of all its WATERPROOF! Getting this off with water? Forget that! I take mine off with a very moist baby wipe or vegetable oil! 


I personally find these lipsticks quite long lasting, my usual day consists of going to university, eating and drinking around once or twice a day which includes crisps, popcorn, salads. I only have had to apply it around once or twice maximum  during a 9-5 day.


On to the swatches!


Electric Coral – 

Imagine a highlighter orange… now imagine it a bit more coral… That’s your electric coral! Very Bright, Pigmented, and florescent! Lovely for the summer beach parties!!! I personally don’t have the guts to wear this out as Im either a nude or dark lip girl but I cant wait to use these on clients and models with fun creative looks! 


Electric Pink-

Imagine a pink highlighter! This is a PERFECT Florescent neon pink. Reminds me of Barbie! And you bet I will be using this beauty in a Barbie inspired makeup look! The colour at first intimidated me but I slowly grew to love it more and more! 


Electric Taffy-

This is such a tricky colour to describe I would say electric taffy is the child of Electric Pink and Electric Coral! It’s a gorgeous Hot pink with warm undertones! 


Wild Orchid-

A gorgeous every day pink! One I would be sporting every day as a go to pink lip! It’s in my opinion quite cool toned. 


Code Red-

A warm orangey red! Lovely colour. I have yet to try this one out! 



Pumpkin Spice-

My all time fave orange Lip! I don’t know what It is about this colour that draws me in so much! It’s a gorgeous orange, not too bright, not too dark, but just perfect!! I never in a million years would’ve worn an orange lipstick out but I can see myself never wanting to take this one off in the summer <3 




This is such a lovely berry colour! It reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Craft” liquid lipstick. It’s a pinky Toned Berry and perfect for fall!



Just Bitten-

IN LOVE.  I think just bitten and mink pink tie in being my top two colours! This colour is so beautiful. A very dark maroon colour with red undertones. Literally looks like dark blood. Perfect for fall to give a vampy look! I cant wait to rock this in autumn!


Mink Pink

As worn by Michelle Keegan at her wedding and Jess Wright at her Ann Summers launch

Perfect nude of the collection! This colour may apply and show differently on different people due to your lip pigmentation! It is a lovely brawny pinky nude! Swatch was taken in direct daylight where it does in fact look pinkier! But this is one of my faves alongside just bitten! I can’t get enough


Brown Sugar


Brown sugar will be a perfect nude for those of a deeper complexion. It’s a lovely brown with red undertones! Not something I thought id reach for or like but it’s grown on me!!


Razz Dance

A very dark burgundy red with warm undertones! Love this colour also, I see it as a colour in between cherry bomb and uncorked! Definitely a fall colour to have in your collection


Cherry Bomb

The colour of a perfect cherry! No other way to describe this shade! To me it’s a perfect dark red! Along the lines of Russian red by Mac! I love this and it will probably be my go to red lippie for the summer and events! 



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