Halloween Trends 2017

Posted by By Gemma Wright 18/09/2017 0 Comment(s)


Halloween 2017 will be filled with jewells and sparkle!

We love Halloween! Our newsfeeds are being filled with our favourite makeup artist incredible SFX makeup creations and we must say they are becomming more and more creative every year.

Let's take a look at some of the Halloween trends we can expect to see this year. Please follow and support the amazing MUA behind each of the looks shown all links will be listed. 

Mermaid Scales

If you haven't noticed 2017 has been filled with mermaid themed textures and colours so it is no surprise that this year Mermaid scale themed make up will be making an appearance. 


Created by Aisha Kahn (@akhanartistry) be sure to check out her amazing work.


Glitter Overload

Glitter has made a huge impact in 2017 with people experimenting over the festival season so it's only natural that Halloween this year will be sparklier than ever. We are talking glitter, gems, head pieces from head to toe! 

Anna Lingis is always ahead of the game created AMAZING makeup looks. Make sure you check her out! @annalingis



Gore Galore

Stock up on fake blood and liquid latex because this year SFX are more realistic than ever. The more shocking and disgusting the better ! 

Rhia Barton is amazing at SFX Makeup, Give her a follow as I'm sure she will be uploading more amazing Halloween creations in the next month. @rhiabartonmua