Cleansing Your Crystals Under A Full Moon

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Cleansing your crystals using the full moon


Your crystals are sensitive. They harbour all the negative energies they absorb which is why it is important to cleanse and recharge them. The perfect and most powerful times to cleanse and recharge is under the full moon. 
The information around crystals is very extensive and endless so I am going to keep things easy and brief for you. I really feel like with crystals there is no set rules as such, they are yours and you will learn to love them and you will figure out what works best for you. Explore the numerous blogs and information there is about them across the internet and do what feels right.
Cleansing your crystals under the full moon restores them to ensure they work at their best, it removes negative energy and purifies them. They will also be recharged and strong. 
How to charge crystals under the full moon
  • Wash them. Under the tap is fine, and then dry them.
  • Relax and calm yourself thinking about what your crystals may be holding on to. This could be anger, emotional or physical pain, sickness etc. Whatever it is cleanse your crystals with intent.
  • Place your crystals outside at sunset ideally onto earth, if this is not possible a natural surface like wood or stone. If you cannot go outside place on a window ledge where they will be able to catch the light of the moon.
  • Leave them overnight and allow them to charge with a few hours of early sunlight the next morning. 
  • Bring them inside and again hold your crystals and express your intentions on how you want them to guide and heal you specifically.