Is Your Skin Dry or Dehydrated?

Posted by By Gemma Wright 14/01/2021 0 Comment(s)





Not to be confused with the skin type ‘Dry’ dehydrated skin can affect any skin type at any time. Dry skin is a skin type where as Dehydrated skin is a temporary condition with similar characteristic to dry skin. Dehydrated skin is lacking water and moisture rather than oil like dry skin. So now we have established the difference lets have look into what might cause your skin to be dehydrated. 
You have oily skin most of year and occasionally have acne flare ups but January is here and suddenly your skin is feeling tight, looking dull and your lips and nose are flaky… your skin type must have changed to dry. No ! Don’t start ordering a whole new skin regime targeted towards dry skin types your skin is highly likely to be dehydrated. 
Causes of Skin Dehydration can be: 
Excess periods of time in the sun. 
Central Heating 
Going from a warm house to the bitter cold.
The heating in your car 
Air conditioning
A heavy weekend on the booze 
Too much caffeine 
Using the wrong skincare products 
Your period
I could probably go but you get the idea.
The main characteristics of Dehydrated skin are:
Tight feeling skin 
Dry/wrinkly looking Lips 
Absorbs skin products very quickly 
Foundation will not go on smooth and can look patchy, this is because your skin is absorbing the water from the foundation
Skin will appear dull, lifeless and pale
If your skin has the above characteristic but is also still looking oily at times, breaking out,  has visible black heads then you very likely have dehydration. 
To treat Dehydrated skin I recommend using Chloe’s Secret Formula moisturiser morning and night, if your skin absorbs it quickly add another layer and another until your skin feels less tight, I would also recommend our Youth Maintenance serum for the evening as even if ‘anti-aging’ isn’t your focus, our Youth Maintenance serum is packed with high quality Hyaluronic Acid, which is an intensive moisturiser holding 600 times its own wait in water , just what your skin needs a good drench in water. You should notice after following these steps for a few days your skin will start to look more plump and ‘pink’.. in other words healthy and full of life again.