Crystal Powers

Posted by By Gemma Wright 06/04/2015 0 Comment(s)
''Midnight Deer is a Brighton UK based brand specialising in handmade jewellery and accessories.  Inspired by nature, symbolism and the occult, with semi precious gem stones and vintage charms. Hand selected stones drilled by hand and cut locally to suit each design, meaning your item is one of a kind."
- The Midnight Deer 

I am a strong believer in energy and the belief of what you put out to the universe you get back. I also believe everything happens for a reason I think this makes hard things in life easier to deal with and when look back on what at the time seemed like the worst thing in the works you can now see it was meant be. 

I am obsessed with crystals I wear an amethyst  myself for protection and to repel any negativity that is sent my way. I'm to scared to take it off now as I'm so certain it's brought me luck and protection. Overall I feel good and safe when I wear it. Whether it's my mind or it really does work who cares. Plus they look gorgeous so you don't even need to be a believer.
I love crystals that are rough around the edges and not to messed around with. They look beautiful all polished and smooth but there is something captivating about a rough raw looking stone. 
The midnight deer hand make their crystal jewellery with love and passion. I personally wouldn't buy a generic factory made crystal necklace I think they should be personal and unique. Every stone is different and that's what I love about them. 
Each stone has a unique quality and power if you are feeling down or something is worrying you they will find the perfect stone for you. 
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