Chloe's Secret Formula

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Chloe’s Magic Formula


What is it?
A daily moisturiser that doubles up as a great primer before you apply your makeup. It is made with natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. The brand is Witches Lab which is our own brand of natural Handmade skincare. 
What is Witches Lab?
Witches Lab is my second company. I make natural skincare products with my mum who has been in the aromatherapy trade for over 25 years. We are both qualified to do this and we both really enjoy creating new products. We make products for other companies as well as our own brand which is growing day by day. 
Who is Chloe?
Chloe is a friend of mine. She has very sensitive skin that flares up often especially when she is stressed it comes out in the form of sore and red eczema around her eyes. When she is having a flare up she does not want to go out it causes her pain and discomfort and applying makeup or skincare products is an absolute no go at this time. There was only one cream she could use that didn’t cause her to flare up that actually benefitted her skin and it was over £100. I was convinced I could make something equally as beneficial. I made 6 creams and got her to try them all over a period of time and the formula now in ‘Chloe’s Secret Formula’ is what we ended up narrowing it down to. She now strictly uses this and no longer needs to spend a fortune. 
Why did you develop it?
I developed It for my friend Chloe (Read story above). After we realised it was so amazing on her I got others to try it and the reviews have been fantastic so I decided to bring it out as the first skincare product. 
What are the main active ingredients?
Light Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
What does it smell like?
It doesn’t smell of much at all I decided to keep this formula completely fragrance free to pretty much eliminate the chance of any irritation on the skin. The gentle ingredients include Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil which has a slight smell but to keep it fragrance free is something we have done on purpose to benefit those with easily irritated skin. 
Will it cure my eczema or psoriasis? 
I didn’t originally formulate this cream to cure eczema or psoriasis however we have had numerous customers telling us it has really helped clear up their skin conditions including myself, I suffer from contact dermatitis on my hands which has come from years of massaging with essential oils and as I have been using this cream a lot and it has been having lots of contact with my hands it has actually cleared it up. Aloe Vera and Coconut is known to have amazing healing qualities so it is not completely off the mark that this is possible. If it does clear up any of your skin conditions I will be very interested to hear from you. 
Is it suitable for Acne?
Yes however it won’t help to treat it , it will not further irritate your acne and will not make it worse and may help heal any inflammation. The formula is a gel/cream hybrid formula and it does not clog pores. It absorbs in very quickly and is very gentle so therefore it is suitable for acne prone skin and oily skin.
Can I use it before Makeup?
Yes this was important to me when developing a moisturiser as I like to use a moisturiser about 10 minutes before I apply my foundation and makeup. It will instantly hydrate your skin and create a soft even base for application. Please allow 10-15 minutes before you apply to ensure it has absorbed in fully.
Does it contain Silicone?
Lots of Primers contain Silicone but silicone can be very irritating to sensitive skin, we have made a moisturising primer without Silicone to reduce the chances of irritation.
I have very sensitive skin can I use it?
Yes you are the reason I created this cream in the first place! The ingredients in the formula are very kind and gentle to the skin and should not cause you any irritation. 
I have very oily skin can I use it?
The gel/cream Hybrid formula feels very rich and creamy but absorbs into the skin quickly, you only need a very thin layer and it will not clog your pores. That is why I have decided to create a creamy gel for faster absorption and maximum hydration. You shouldn’t find this creates further oil production.
How much is it?
£9.99 for a 30ml Glass jar that has been illustrated by our amazing in house graphic designer. The lid has a gorgeous shiny foiled gold effect and the main colour of the packaging is pink.