Candylipz - How Do I Know What Candylipz Is Best For Me?

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Help!! There is too many choice which Candylipz Lip Plumper is best for me ??


One of the most frenquently asked questions we recieve is What's the difference between the Candylipz Lip plumpers. The above image shows you the different types of styles and explains the benefits and differences in each one. Hooked Up Shop is one of the UK's leading Candylipz Stockists having being the first to bring the product to English soils. We can offer you extensive information on Candylipz, feel free to drop us any questions by contacting us on or using the contact us form. If you like you can send in a picture of your mouth and we will reccomend the best Candylipz Model for you. Did we metion we will also Pricematch on our candylipz products should you find them cheaper elsewhere, simply email in the link of where you have found them cheaper and we will quickly send you a disount code that will match the price easily at the checkout.


Happy Plumping!!




Gemma Wright - Owner of Hooked-Up Shop



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