Candylipz - Nightly Application

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Candylipz – What is Night Time Application?


Your night time application is the secret to long lasting results and long term users have noticed an increase in lip fullness regardless of whether they use their Candylipz lip plumper not. Users hoping to reverse the signs of aging lips have reported that by following night time applications regularly have plumped their lips, increased collagen and seen a decrease in lines around the mouth.

While you are resting your mouth, your lips can stay plump for up to 8 hours. After carrying out a night time application most Candylipz users find their lips are still plump when they wake up.

If you use the nightly application consistently, you may not need to use your Candylipz plumper as often during the day and your results will last longer.

Your nightly application helps your lips to naturally build and produce collagen fibres. 


How To Carry Out Night Time Application.


Before you settle to sleep, use your lip plumper and make your lips as large as you can, you can do this by doubling the time you usually leave your plumper on for, a mouth cushion will help increase suction and using a lip balm will also help your lips slide more into the Lip plump for maximum results. We recommend the single lobe plumper (Red apple or Blue Liquorice) however if you have the double lobe plumper use your blocker on the split section and plump the upper and lower lip separately. For even bigger results use your apple first and then use the liquorice model (the liquorice model when used with a mouth cushion will give you the highest suction and maximum fullness out of all the models)